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Breakfast Brownies


Start your day off right with a great big bowl of Breakfast Brownies they'rrrrrreeeee really frickin' awesome! Caramelized crunchy cornflakes, fudgy brownie chunks all mixed into our sweet cream ice cream.

Cara's Chocolate Orange (v)(gf)


Sweet, fresh, and candy-like Cara Cara Oranges blended with coconut milk making for a bright and orangey base. We then stream in semi-sweet Guittard chocolate, to make the perfectly chocolatey, creamy and fruity ice cream.

Cookie Milk & Cookies (Cookies n' Cream)


We start by soaking sandwich cookies in the base to give it that extra strong cookie flavor. And then we top it off with even more cookies to make it the cookiest of cookies and cream flavor! Pint (16oz)

Dark Milk Chocolate


A perfectly milky, dark, sweet, and complex chocolate ice cream that gives you the best of both worlds. Pint (16oz)

Lychee w/ Raspberry Rose Swirl


A sweet lychee ice cream base is swirled with our raspberry rose jam creating a fruity, tart, and floral ice cream. Pint (16oz)

Carrot Cake (gf) (contains tree nuts)


We're collabing with Cow Girl Creamery! A tangy, chessy base using Cow Girl Creamery's Fromage Blanc studded with chewy carrot cake bits made from sweet carrots and spiced dates, with the addition of toasted pecans for that crunchy bite.

Citrus Cardamom Sorbet


Our final citrus flavor of the season! A combination of Pomelo, Blood Orange, and a little Cara Cara come together with cardamom. A bright, slightly bitter sorbet finishing with the warmth and slight nuttiness of cardamom.

Lemon w/ Berry Lavender Swirl (v)(gf)


It's SPRING! Bright lemony base with a tart and floral berry lavender swirl. Perfect for the sunny days ahead!

Vanilla Bean


The classic Vanilla bean, using 2 kinds of Vanilla from New Guinea giving this Vanilla ice cream a floral and natural sweet flavor. Pint (16oz)


4 Oz Cup Ice Cream


Vegan & sorbet. Served with 2 flavors.

8 Oz Cup Ice Cream


Vegan & sorbet. Served with 2 flavors.


Create your Own Sundae


Your choice of 2 scoops of ice cream with any 2 toppings included topped with whipped cream!

Banana Split


Brulee’d banana with dark milk chocolate, vanilla, and lychee ice cream, hot fudge, PB sauce or toffee crunchy peanuts, a berry jam, and whipped cream.


Hot Chocolate w/ Toasty Marshmallows


Homemade creamy hot chocolate topped with freshly toasted mini marshmallows* (12oz) *Using Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, vegetarian friendly.